Visual affections

How are they shown and where are they located?

The most frequent symptomathologies in the visual system are temporary or permanent reduction of visual acuity, sight of coloured lights, eye pain or eye heat, photophobia, dual sight (diplopia), etc.

Equipo de diagnóstico oftalmológico

Equipment for ophthalmological diagnose

Ophthalmological and neuroophthalmological affections are classified according to their location along the optical system and at the optical pathway, in:

Ocular Media Diseases Corneal Opacity - Astigmatisms - Catarats
Ocular Muscles Diseases Strabismus - Oculomotor Palsy
Retinal Diseases Retinal Degenerations - Retinopathies: diabetic, etc.
Optic Nerve Diseases Neuritis - Glaucoma - Tumors
Cerebral Diseases CVA - Tumors - Migraine - Amblyopias