Visual investigations

As many processes may present the same symptomathology, it is a must to carry out a topodiagnosis, premature and acute, with particular reference to the neuroophthalmological area. That is to say, the study of the optical pathway as from retina, optical nerve, brain and the answer of the ocular muscles.

Retina Visual Field
Electroretinogram - (ERG)
Electro-oculogram - (EOG)
Fluorescein angiography (RFG)
Confocal Laser Othalmoscopy (CSLO)
Optic Nerve Visual Field
Confocal Laser Othalmoscopy (CSLO)
Visually Evoked Potentials (VER)
Stimulus: Pattern Reversal / Flash
Cerebro visual Visual Cortex
Visual Field Mapping of Visually Evoked Potentials (BEAM-VER)Stimulus: Pattern Reversal / Flash
Brain Electrical Activity Mapping (BEAM) under visual stimulation
Virtual Reality Brain ElectricalActivity Mapping (VR-BEAM)
Brain Electric Tomography
Ocular Muscles Lancaster test
Computer Nystagmography (CNG)Tracking test - Saccadic test
Casco de realidad virtual

Virtual Reality helmet used with 3D different stimulations